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J.S. Bach Double (Presto!) Shirt

J.S. Bach Double (Presto!) Shirt


Celebrate J.S. Bach’s most important work, the Partita No. 1 in B minor BWV 1002. It is a piece for solo violin composed by 1720. This partita is formed in the traditional way that consists of an allemande, a courantesarabande and gigue in the baroque style, except that this work substitutes a bourrée (marked Tempo di Borea) for the more typical gigue. Also, each movement is followed by a variation called double in French, which elaborates on the chords of the prior movement. The movements in order are:

  1. Allemanda – Double

  2. Corrente – Double (Presto)

  3. Sarabande – Double

  4. Tempo di Borea – Double

Size guide:

  • S: w 20“ x l 29”

  • M: w 22” x l 31”

  • L: w 24” x l 32”

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