INTERVIEW: Uffie on The Super Bowl, Favorite Furniture, and Her Next EP

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Recently, we had a moment to send some questions to signer and songwriter Uffie (Pop the Glock, Sadmoney) and we wanted to share those responses.

Uffie’s globe-trotting come up left an indelible mark on the art pop scene, with the critically-acclaimed Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans charted globally and every new single and remix being awaited with baited breath. Uffie’s is this an art project? sound- mixing with genuine rock, 60’s harmonizing and punky rap with lyrics that tracked men with Romanian New-Wave levels of detail and plot lines (see: retrospective) came define a certain warm, yet standoffish flex-a-holic sound and lyricism that wasn’t quite lofi, wasn’t quite chillwave, and wasn’t quite rap. Now, eight years on and after a considerable hiatus, Uffie’s sound has evolved into a simpler sound- less drag and click- but with the core elements of an Uffie song intact: references to Gucci, easy hooks that very occasionally remind of us of the diary of consider girl scribbling her daily thoughts driver’s seat of a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon.

So in the moment of a flurry of activity- the oddly-motherly Drugs (“I just worry about you, darling, If you're OK, I'll stop calling”) and the immediately engaging Sadmoney (Uffie tells Highsnobiety. “It’s that superficial chase that we’re all guilty of, leaving your cup half empty… but damn do you enjoy those first sips.”).

Now with a new EP due to drop on the 22nd of February (yes, this month!), we felt it was suitable to turn to the legend herself for some timely questions. First, we turned to Twitter for questions and remarks from fans.

The Knockturnal asks:Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your home? What is it?

Uffie responds:I do. My sofa has a lot of fun prints and fabrics and is floor seating.  I really love sitting comfortably on the floor.


The Knockturnalasks:Do you like listening to your own music?

Uffie responds: I listen to my demo’s a ton, then have trouble adjusting to the finished versions. 


The Knockturnal asks: Do you like movies? What's your favorite movie?

Uffie responds: I do! The last film I saw that I really loved was the Shape of Water.


The Knockturnal asks:Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Uffie responds: No.


The Knockturnal asks:What have you been doing in the meantime of not releasing legendary albums and iconic singles?

Uffie responds: Focusing on family, health, and happiness. Growing as an artist and human.


The Knockturnal asks: Can we get a dub remix of Drugs?

Uffie responds: I’m down.


The Knockturnal asks: Do you have siblings?

Uffie responds: I have a half brother and sister in France, and a sister in the U.S. I am the baby of the family.


The Knockturnal asks: Do you go to art museums to get inspired?

Uffie responds: I do. When you are constantly giving so much of yourself and pulling from that creative pool, its important to replenish it through films, books, exhibitions, etc.


The Knockturnal asks: What have you eaten today?

Uffie responds: For breakfast I had an oat milk latte with an extra shot from Blue Bottle.


The Knockturnal asks: How long does it take to finish a song?

Uffie responds: Entirely depends. Most of mine are made in a day, but polished later… so two days?  There are, however, some songs that you can feel have something very special to them… and it can take a very long time to do them justice and make them perfect.


The Knockturnal asks: When did you start making music?

Uffie responds: Pop the Glock was the first song I wrote.


That has been the news! We found it delightful Uffie entertained our questions in the first place. Although I have never had an oat milk latte, I can’t wait to sample one immediately. And who can give us the stems to Drugs? Have a great day everyone! Don’t forget, Uffie's new EP Tokyo Love Hotel drops February 22nd.

Featured image by Ashley Osborn.