How to Use Fragrances and Perfumes in the 21st Century

Editor's note: Here we listen to an expert in the field, the wise Kaan Tuglaci of Istanbul, Turkey. A student of linguistics at the University, Tuglaci's sensibility is beyond his years. Take solace in knowing he is armed with a knowing nose and a deep knowledge of what is truly diplomatic and tasteful. After a generation of walking AXE clouds and general negativity, come to your senses and reintroduce the gentle pleasure of fragrance.

Know the following when studying perfume: Sillage is the amount of time a fragrance lingers in the air. Longevity is how long it lasts upon the surface it's applied to. The difference between eau de toilettes, perfumes, and so on is it's concentration of the perfume essence. Perfume has the highest concentration and lasts the longest. Eau de Toilettes last about 3 hours. We are civil, so we will not discuss the disappointing longevity of eau fraiches or colognes. 

The most error-prone portion in the dance of fragrance is it's application. "How do I apply perfume?" You ask? A cliché question and there many clichéd responses to it. But how I look at fragrances is that they are, after all, nothing more than scents and you are the canvas to the paint.

For paint to stick onto the canvas and live there vividly is dependent upon the freshness of the canvas. A clean diet and two showers (one cold in the morning and one hot in the evening) can help prepare yourself for receiving perfume. If the skin is dry, the juice might not be projected well. I think that investing in a very good scentless moisturizer is a decision to be made, but highly recommended.

When it comes to applying the fragrance, never go for the clothes unless you want it to smell synthetic. It works best on the skin directly. It is so tempting to avoid this. We must never apply perfume to the hair. Anyone who suggests it should be abandoned when it comes to advice of this type. Alcohol dehydrates the hair and causes the hair strands to get damaged. 

For eau de parfumes, I think three to four spritzes are enough. But for the eau de toilettes, since they have lower concentration; you might go for four to six. But never above six in one six-hour period. 

Actually applying the perfume is a basic affair. The pulse points are vital. The sides of your neck, your belly button, your chest, your back—between the upper waist and the chest— are good options. In summer, back of the knees are a safe bet for better projection. 

Earlobes are only appropriate for the night, or when you are on your way to have a revenge lunch or something.

Now, my scent recommendations for the gentlemen:

1. Bvlgari Men In Black (from $36,95/€30.03)

What does it smell like? Rum, oriental spices and leather. 

Who is it for? It is used safely by any man over 30. Only daringly by 20-year-olds. Deeply discouraged by teenagers. 

What will it do for me? It will leave everyone around you in admiration. The sillage, the projection and the longevity cannot be questioned. After the luminous spices, leather and the rum dries out, scent you’re left with is a very animalistic mixture of wood and tonka beans. 

When should I use it? Definitely a safe bet for business meetings, but after five spritzes, since this an eau de parfum, it changes into the ultimate scent to pick after you break up with your ex, spend your days partying, become a rum-swilling vicious partygirl. Best used for fall and especially winter, after you have checked in your coat and you’re ready for your DUI.

2. Alien by Thierry Mugler (from $29,00/23,57)

What does it smell like? For the untrained nose, the scent is a paradox, almost a fiction written by a chain smoker French writer, while the protagonist being the Indian Jasmine. Smells very European, femme fatale-esque. Despite the fact that the fragrance only includes 3 main notes, it is a very complex one.

Who is it for? Anyone with a compelling soul.

What will it do for me? The sillage is very strong and the longevity is shockingly long. On the skin, after the top note; Jasmine slowly fades away, the amber starts to dwell around your collarbones. And the woodsy notes mixed with the traces of Jasmine, almost becomes a seductress that is armed and in stealth on your neck and your earlobes, that is going to leave any men in awe with a frantic heartbeat.

When should I use it? Club nights, court dates, concerts, bedtime, dinner.

3. L’eau D’Issey by Issey Miyake (from $52,00/€42,26)

What does it smell like? Your home now reeks cascalone and fugiere. The scent is liberating.

Who is it for? Young adults who are about to have children or are newly single after a relationship that was suppose to result in having children ended.

What will it do for me? Longevity and the sillage is poor but the scent is dreamy. You will remember the 90s with this scent. It calls to mind CK One and Acqua Di Gio, but those are considered nostalgic in the age of spices and dull florals. You will communicate charm and timelessness with this scent.

When should I use it? This is the kind of a fragrance that you can use after you ditch your Wall Street broker husband and his boring townhouse decorated with crimson curtains and instead you live in a studio apartment which only has a Persian carpet, white walls, a cacti, 2 wooden plates, green juice and Fiji water bottles scattered all over the wooden floor along with many unread issues of The New Yorker.

4. Calvin Klein Eternity Intense (from $80,00/€65.01)

What does it smell like? The myrrh and the ginger is present along with many oriental spices that are almost mystique to the nose.

Who is it for? Your ex. This is the kind of a fragrance that is going to haunt them every time they passes by someone who wears it.

What will it do for me? The sillage is magical. Three spritzes on the pulse points and the last bathroom you have visited will reek of you.

When should I use it? When you need to be seductive yet subtle. Definitely the go-to option when you need to leave your mark—whether at a place or on a victim.